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                                                                   Private beach                                                                                                                                                                         

Royal Beach

Saint Cyr sur Mer

location de transat à saint Cyr Sur Mer

Private beach in Saint Cyr Sur Mer

The private beach is located on the beach of "Les Lecques".

restaurant sur la plage de Saint Cyr sur Mer


Sunbed rental

Royal Beach rents sunbeds with mattresses and sun umbrellas.

Paddle boat rental

Six paddle boats equipped with slides are available all day, the rental price is 25 € per hour.


Royal Beach offers traditional meals made ​​with fresh. These menus include "ratatouille", seafood and salads. Also, the restaurant offers fast food meals.

Shower, toilet, fitting room

A shower and a fitting room are also available.

Address - access map

The private beach is at the southern end of the beach of Les Lecques, the exact address is :

Opening time

The private beach is open daily between 9am and 20pm.


   Phone 06 16 55 42 59.

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The beach

photo de la plage de Saint Cyr sur Mer

The paddle boats

Toilet - shower - fitting room

pédalo à la plage de Saint Cyr sur Mer plage privée à Saint Cyr sur Mer